Most Beautiful Women in South Africa

South Africa is known for rugby, the Springbok and Nelson Mandela. Recently, it has been in the news because of Oscar Pistorius, the first athlete of different ability to make it to the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, he has also gotten involved in the death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Fortunately, the country has several reasons for the world to see them once again in a positive light. Here are ten of them, for they are the top 10 most beautiful women celebrities in South Africa.


10. Tracy McGregor

Tracy McGregor is a model and presenter that has been consistently on the list of the hottest women of South Africa. She is the sister of Kerry McGregor (see number eight of this list). FHM Magazine adjudged her as the Sexiest Woman of South Africa in 2008. She also hosted the show called “Model Million$,” a reality modeling competition that lasted only one month before it got cancelled due to lack of funds.


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