5 Strangest Playmate Deaths

 Whoever coined the age old expression that only the good die young didn’t know these Playboy centerfold knock-outs. With the growing list of Playmates having died strange and terrible deaths, it seems that death does not discriminate between good and ‘naughty’, taking some of the most beautiful and talented women of the 21st century. Both young and old, their deaths were nothing less than gruesome, tragic, and in some cases, unexplained. Respectfully, I have compiled a list of the FIVE STRANGEST PLAYBOY PLAYMATE DEATHS of all time, and the unusual details that surrounded each case. Runner ups for this list is awarded to the beautiful Jayne Mansfield, who was partially decapitated in a terrible car accident involving a tractor trailer. Her death, along with the death of Marilyn Monroe, marked the end of an era for Playboy Playmates and Hollywood alike.

#5 Anna Nicole Smith 11/28/1967 – 3/15/1997


This blonde bombshell and former playmate was found unresponsive in her room at the Minole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, after an accidental overdose of at least nine prescription drugs. Anna Nicole Smith was truly unforgettable in both life and death. While it is common knowledge that foul play was likely, no justice was ever served. A $450 million dollar inheritance and the paternity of her daughter were both considered motives in this cold case.


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